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Binance vs FTX

After trading in the crypto space for a long time you are inevitably left with a decision and this is a new decision thanks to a new coming on the blocks of exchanges called FTX, that decision is Binance or FTX!

In a perfect world one would split there capital over both exchanges to minimize risk, but as we all know diversification is a luxury for the rich so lets just dive in and find out once and for all who is the master of exchanges !

Access to Support:
Having used both platforms let me start with my biased opinion and that is what matters for me the most in a exchange is the accessibility of support, my daily volume can reach 1m+ yet I find it impossible to reach Binance on the other hand FTX is always ready and willing to solve any issues immediately.

Trading Engine:
Case in point during the crash this year Binance futures went offline yet FTX was online working perfectly and when you look at liquidations you will find FTX hardly liquidated anyone yet on Binance it was a all in war with people literally committing suicided over the lack of support and the tailor of the trading engine.

File:Binance logo.svg - Wikipedia
Binance does have the largest range of crypto related trading instruments !

Range of Instruments:
The next most important thing on the checklist is what exchange has the largest range of trading instruments, in the realm of crypto Binance does win this category outright but if we look a little deeper we will see FTX not far behind. Both exchanges offer stocks now (FTX’s range is larger) but unlike Binance FTX now offers “Prediction markets” for things such as politics. Now ew just wait to see who ads commodities and forex currently neither offer this.

CEO and Innovation:
Made by traders for traders is the FTX motto, being owned and operated by the highly successful proprietary arbitrage firm “Almeda Research” headed by the one and only “Same Bank-Man Fried” FTX goes well out of their way to insure the customer always comes first not only do they have a solid reputation to uphold butt they also are the whistle blowers on other exchanges white washing trades and using unscrupulous methods to cook the order books.

Binance on the other had is also in a fair position one of the worlds most well known exchanges the CEO Changpeng Zhao has really tried hard to innovate and disrupt the industry with the creation of networks like “BinanceSmart Chain” they have taken a huge market share of the De-Fi industry away from the high fee Ethereum network.

FTX is my winner but due to the nature of regulation Binance does have its place for usage anonymity.

My Thoughts:
Both exchanges have recently embraced the NFT space by lunching their own NFT exchanges, both exchanges utilize a governance token and both give back to the community with a impressive burn rate.

In conclusion you must really do your own research but I can confidently say I recently moved all my capital from Binance to FTX maybe I can see the writing on the wall or maybe I have just had enough of being nothing more then a number to Binance my times worried that I will wake up and my trading capital vanished is now long gone.

Binance’s saving grace is that of its KYC requirement’s unlike FTX, Binance does indeed have a very large daily withdraw limit for non verified accounts (until they force you to verify, they did it to me and have done it to others), so for this sake maybe Binance is your best shot.

Bitcoin Crypto Education Financial News

Crypto / Bitcoin news Feed Aggregators

One of the most useful methods for tracking the price of crypto currencies and bitcoin is the use of news fundamentals. The best way to keep track on news other then the use of twitter is the use of crypto news aggregators, some of these aggregators also report social network sentiment and community participation gauges.

Below is a list of the best aggregators on the web appearing in no particular order:
This tool from twitter is a must have, simply follow the top twits and away you go !
One of the early and best crypto news aggregators out there, full community sentiment and also it collects tweets.
A simple RSS feed type bitcoin news aggregator that only shows the top news for the day.
This site is a little different from the other crypto news aggregators on the page, this site collects the news from the top bitcoin blogs and displays it in a easy to read format.
Having a nice clean UI and only the news you need, makes this news feed one a must view for anyone interested in the latest bitcoin / crypto currency news.
What sets this news site apart is the sheer volume and customizations available to the user. If you want to customize your feeds and aggregators for bitcoin then this is the site you should use.
One of my favorite, user sentiment social media analysis and of course only the best news all in a perfectly designed UI, if you only use on Crypto news aggregator then make it this one!
A nother simple RSS style feed, nothing special but if you need easy to digest news then this one is your go to.
K.I.S.S, keep it simple stupid if all you want is crypto currency and bitcoin news and news now then stick with the simplest of them all the site above.

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Must use Bitcoin/Crypto charting tools

Alot has changed over the years in the world of trading crypto, no longer are we left using BitcoinCharts we have a huge array of tools some are must have, below is the top list for 2021 in order of necessity !
A must have and the free tier is all you really need, not only does this site combine all the features of the best charting tools into one application it also has a amazing community and its own scripting environment, a must have the number #1 on the list.
A new kid on the block but grown exponentially this site not only has a amazing charting system and perfect screener but it also has nice fundamental reports, every day simply check the feed here and you will always be on the right side of the trade, and there charting tools are also A+.
If you are a scalping this is amazing! this tool is not only for intra day traders but wow this tool really does take the cake for scalping tools.
I have seen nothing like it, Put it this way: if I was a scalper I would put this at #1 position absolutely amazing, take a look at the chart below to see what I mean…..
Another must use tool that should be in number one position, glass node. One chain analytics tool, charts, metrics, you name it ! One of the best tools around to follow the smart money, and if you want to profit in this game following the smart money is what you need to do. Look at the sheer power of this tool in the scree shot below, it will blow your mind!
This is not a charting tool but again a must use. This tool analysis the social sentiment and market chatter, it is a social listening tool. What better way to find the next pump then following social chatter?
Technical analysis is great, but if you do not also use fundamentals you may find yourself underwater. Crypto Panic is a amazing tool to see all news feeds for any crypto coin. I always have this open while trading you would be surprised at how news really effects the market.

Who is reporting on the real real news? Who is digging up and writing amazing articles on the underbelly of the crypto world? Rekt is that is who! Every morning I read rekt to look for new opportunities and keep up on the under reported world of getting REKT! I suggest you do to.

Crypto Decentraland How To

Register Decentraland name on blockchain! (and profit)

At the time of writing this will cost about 10$ in transaction fee’s and you can profit over $100 if done correctly.

Decentraland has come a long way last time I was invested in MANA and LAND packages they barley had a working prototype of the level editor online, now its a full blown world and let me tell you its bloody amazing !!

You can do anything, make anything, be anything but this post is not about how dam awesome Decentraland is, this post is about how you can cash in once more by registering a name (avatar) then selling the token on a marketplace like

Of course all the good names are taken and they are already being sold for hundreds some thousands of dollars on the marketplaces, but if you use your imagination you will still find some real gems.

Decentraland custom name

Before we head on over to lets take a look at something I found interesting while researching a valuable name and this is the DOA (decentralized autonomous organization) behind Decentraland and some of the proposals put up for vote, yep you guessed it people are trying to ban such great names like “NiggerLover“, “Faggot” and “Coon“, needless to say the smart people holding the DOA tokens all voted NO! (imagine what kind of self righteous asshole would even propose name bans….. ).

What kind of self righteous asshole would even propose name bans

Now we know what names are valuable lets go get one, head over to and of course all the good names will be taken, but keep trying until you find something nice pay your 15$ or whatnot in transaction fees and bobs your uncle, done !

Now head over to your favorite market place and profit….
If anyone wants to purchase the name “gook” from me, it is for sale💰

Decentraland names for sale.