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One of the most useful methods for tracking the price of crypto currencies and bitcoin is the use of news fundamentals. The best way to keep track on news other then the use of twitter is the use of crypto news aggregators, some of these aggregators also report social network sentiment and community participation gauges.

Below is a list of the best aggregators on the web appearing in no particular order:
This tool from twitter is a must have, simply follow the top twits and away you go !
One of the early and best crypto news aggregators out there, full community sentiment and also it collects tweets.
A simple RSS feed type bitcoin news aggregator that only shows the top news for the day.
This site is a little different from the other crypto news aggregators on the page, this site collects the news from the top bitcoin blogs and displays it in a easy to read format.
Having a nice clean UI and only the news you need, makes this news feed one a must view for anyone interested in the latest bitcoin / crypto currency news.
What sets this news site apart is the sheer volume and customizations available to the user. If you want to customize your feeds and aggregators for bitcoin then this is the site you should use.
One of my favorite, user sentiment social media analysis and of course only the best news all in a perfectly designed UI, if you only use on Crypto news aggregator then make it this one!
A nother simple RSS style feed, nothing special but if you need easy to digest news then this one is your go to.
K.I.S.S, keep it simple stupid if all you want is crypto currency and bitcoin news and news now then stick with the simplest of them all the site above.

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The Top Reddit Finance Subs To Follow

Ahhh Reddit one of the worlds top 25 sites, what better place to learn from or advertise too. On our road to millions of dollars we will stop by reddit a lot so let us contemplate the top reddit financial subs that we can follow.

You do not have to engage on Reddit just lurk and read the subs, the wealth of information is invaluable and you will profit greatly just by hanging around these reddit subs !

Don’t pretend you don’t lurk here !! The degenerates of Finance the Wall Street Bets options market Y.O.L.O crew, if you do not lurk here already then you best start because you know… You Only Live Once !!

Well we best start at the start and end at the end, no better place then Personal Finance. This is the biggest sub of them all and you will get lost here, enjoy!

Tailored information for Canadians, how aboot that eyyyy !

G’day mate, get your Shelia’s over here and chuck another prawn on the weber!!

In ones own worlds: “Bogleheads are die-hard fans of Jack Bogle and index fund investing in general – Jack Bogle founded Vanguard, is the father of index funds and an all-around inspiration for people who want to engage in passive investments (generally stocks and bonds) for a long-term return that will beat active alternatives.”

News, Financials, Earnings, Trading, Bear, Bull…

You will not get far without a plan, this sub will help with all your budgeting questions.

Don’t pretend you don’t do it, we all know you trade crypto and if you do not what the hell are you waiting for 0_o

Need to travel? Use credit cards? Then this churning and travel hacking sub is where you need to be. Learn all the latest techniques to get those all mighty fly buy points !

What better way to make money then not spend it ?

We have all been here, why not start climbing out today!

One of the biggest subs for Investors, with over half a million subs this place is more of a news room then a place for advice.

The good ol` F.I.R.E movement, what better place to start then Financial Independents and Retiring early.

Another of the F.I.R.E fanboy’s subs… Great valuable information here with almost 100 thousand subs its not over crowded and your questions will be addressed.

In no particular order the runner ups are:

Computer Vision Education Game Cheating Gold Farm Machine Learning NodeJs OCR Tools

NodeJS libraries for game bot development

What better way to further our adventures then with some good old fashioned gold farming, and with the advent of blockchain gaming there is no better time then now to get involved with some bot development.

A game bot requires three things; vision, control output and a decision mechanism. Below you will find all the required tools you need to develop a state of the art Machine learning computer vision ROBOT, to farm MMO gold!!
Lets start at the start and that is tensorflow the robots “brain”, learn all you can here before you move on then you are ready to develop your bot. A bot needs a good brain ya?
A must have, you will not get far without this, your arms and legs Mr Bot. Lets you move the mouse, type and click (Don’t forget to insure some randomization in your implementation to avoid that pesky anti-bot detection you may face).
So you have your “brain” and your “appendages” the only thing missing is your “eyes” well openCV (Open Computer Vision) is the worlds finest eyes for your bot, just like tensorflow if you truly want to be a bot master you must learn all you can about openCV.
So you have everything ya? Your brain and legs, arms and eyes!! But let me tell you while you are making a bot you will want to read the screen for text to get variables and such, this is the best way to do it with tesseract like the above if you learn this well you will be equipped to be the master of bots.
Easily train your image recognition models online then export to any format you need, no point having the “brain” if you have no pre established concepts.
This is a notable mention but currently not fully working with NodeJS disappointing its only browser based JavaScript for really its amazing, it makes machine learning assessable for any random idiot! maybe even too east to be honest, even if you do not use this one you must check it out.

The rest appear in no particular order, these are useful but not essentiual:
Decent wrapper library for Google vision OCR to find position of a word/line/para in a image.
Here we have a Nodejs native extension to search “subimage” inside an image using openCV get the position and then you can easily click on it, bobs your uncle, you have a bot. It’s just a simple algorithm to find the most prominent color in pictures but extremely useful.
Running out of options? A node.js app to find shapes and blobs in an image.
A bot needs good eyes and this I could not have named this better my self YOLO, this addon allows you to use a state-of-the-art, real-time object detection system called Yolo. This addon came out from a computer engineering final project, VAPi (You only look once).
A OCR and Image classification engine that use GraphicsMagick, just another eye option, options are good!
If you are lazy and want to use a API solution here we have Google Vision, its great to jump right in and get started but keep in mind it is a hosted solution, this one is another option for your “eyes”.
A little native OCR implementation that uses Tesseract OCR (Optical character recognition). In other words this turns images into text strings.
Another nice OCR library this one uses Tesseract and OpenCV.

Some video’s done in python but still great for learning, maybe one day i will make some for NodeJS but until that day comes enjoy these:

Be a game bot master with NodeJs
Be a game bot master with NodeJs
Here you go learn openCV in just 3 hours, geese and to think I waisted all those years in computer science !
Dim the lights and pull the curtains, you got 8 hours of geeking out to do with this video.

A Gift for reading this far:
Now these 2 are very very cool and basically allow you to teach a AI to play any game with no work at all. I thought maybe they are to powerful for you plebs but in the spirit of freedom of information here: (these 2 are python and not nodejs):
Start it and play your game…. amazing right !
Serpent.AI is a simple yet powerful, novel framework to assist developers in the creation of game agents. Turn ANY video game you own into a sandbox environment ripe for experimentation, all with familiar Python code. The framework’s raison d’être is first and foremost to provide a valuable tool for Machine Learning & AI research. It also turns out to be ridiculously fun to use as a hobbyist! (yep you read that correctly).

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Must monitor YouTube financial channels

(Or in other words, My Hero’s)